Lima, Peru — The U.N. climate talks in Lima ended with little progress made towards a global climate change agreement. Lima was seen as a critical moment in the negotiations that will continue over the next year and conclude in Paris next December.
In Lima, industrialized countries failed to develop a follow through on commitments made in Copenhagen to set out a plan to ramp up international climate financing to $100 billion per year by 2020. Climate financing for many years has been a lynchpin in these negotiations since it assists poor, developing countries in addressing climate change and has the potential to build trust between industrialized and developing nations. There was also no agreement reached on what industrialized countries’ initial pledges, due by the end of March, would need to include in terms of information. For example, there is no requirement for countries to include a commitment to climate financing in the pledges.
The Canadian government once again failed to play a positive role in the international climate talks. Canada did not support progress on the financing matter, nor on other critical issues. Canada even failed to commit to announcing its opening pledge by the March deadline. Not filing by the deadline means that transparent negotiations in 2015 will be delayed.
Despite the lack of progress in Lima, the elements of an ambitious legal agreement on climate change remain mostly on the table. It’s time for these talks to translate into action. Vulnerable people are feeling the impacts, social movements are demanding action, and the U.N. needs to get over stumbling blocks and forge real progress. The world needs and demands a strong deal in Paris.
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