Lima, Peru – Environmental Defence’s Dale Marshall is available for interviews this week from Peru about the U.N. climate talks in Lima.
Citizens hope that the U.N. conference will continue global momentum on climate change, building on New York’s People’s Climate March and the U.S. and China’s recent climate change deal. Negotiations will continue throughout 2015 and culminate in a global agreement on climate change next December in Paris.
In order for meaningful outcomes to be possible in Lima, key countries must join the U.S., the European Union, and China in announcing opening bids for post-2020 climate change action. Governments will have to commit to strengthened action between now and 2020.
The Canadian government has been a laggard, falling far behind its 2020 carbon reduction commitment and refusing to commit to match President Obama’s 2025 pledge. In Lima, the Canadian government must decide if it wants to contribute to global action on climate change or continue to be a drag on progress in the talks.
Provincial governments, including Ontario’s and Quebec’s, are also in Lima. The provinces also have an important role to play to contribute to climate change action in Canada.
WHO: Dale Marshall, National Program Manager, Environmental Defence
WHAT: Available for telephone and skype interviews from Lima, Peru
WHEN: December 8 – December 12, 2014
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