Toronto, ON – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne appears confused about the climate impacts of Energy East. In comments today, she implied Ontario will not consider the vast majority of climate pollution Energy East could generate and would only focus on the tiny fraction emitted in Ontario. This is bizarre, considering the vast majority of the climate pollution created by building Energy East would happen in Alberta. 
Given that the National Energy Board refuses to examine any climate impacts in its review of pipelines, it is essential that Ontario fully understands the risks.
No review of the impacts of Energy East will be credible without looking at the huge increases in climate pollution the pipeline would create in Alberta, such as was done by the U.S State Department in its review of the Keystone XL pipeline.
Massive export pipelines like Energy East are intended to enable rapid expansion of tar sands oil production. This expansion and the associated increase of emissions are directly linked to the Energy East project. The oil will not come out of the ground unless Energy East is built.
Producing the additional oil needed to fill Energy East would increase Canada’s net greenhouse gas pollution by 32 million tonnes, equivalent to putting seven million new cars on Canada’s roads. This is as much climate pollution as was reduced when Ontario shut down all its coal-fired power plants over the last decade. This number does not include the emissions from burning the oil.
Leadership on climate change requires a serious change in the way Canadians think of major fossil-fuel infrastructure projects. We cannot afford to lock into rising carbon pollution for decades to come.
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