Toronto, ON — Ontario and Quebec have shown leadership today in announcing shared actions to fight climate change and to build a strong and more competitive low-carbon economy. Today’s statement also set out important conditions for both provinces in the review of pipeline proposals like TransCanada’s Energy East project.
Specifically, the announcement says that the pipeline must ensure environmental protection and social acceptance. Given that the Energy East pipeline is incompatible with these goals, it is our understanding that the pipeline must be rejected by both provinces.
If built, Energy East would increase Canada’s climate pollution by more than 32 million tonnes – equivalent to putting 7 million new cars on the road. It’s impossible to claim leadership on climate change while allowing the Energy East pipeline to be built.
It is equally important that the provinces have announced that they will work together on a number of important initiatives:

Putting a price on carbon pollution: Making polluters pay for the waste they create will make our economy more efficient and more competitive. The carbon price should apply to all aspects of the economy.
Clearly communicating the risk of climate change: Citizens deserve to be informed of the risks and what needs to be done to address them.
Sharing data and measurement systems: You can’t reduce what you can’t count and it is a positive move that the provinces will share common carbon accounting systems.
 Investing in clean economy transition: Global economies are transitioning to cleaner energy supplies and it is critical Ontario and Quebec not be left behind.
Addressing both Mitigation and Adaptation: Reducing carbon emissions are critical to mitigating the risk of runaway climate change but it is also important to invest in infrastructure and strategies to ensure adaptation to the climate change that we know will occur.

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