A lobby group called Environmental Defence is accusing TransCanada of having secret plans to push its controversial Energy East proposal using unethical methods.
“Documents leaked to Greenpeace reveal TransCanada’s plans to spend millions creating fake grassroots campaigns, conducting ‘detailed background research on key opposition groups,’ and enlisting ‘supportive third parties’ to ‘put the pressure on [groups like Environmental Defence]’, especially when TransCanada can’t.”
Environmental Defence says TransCanada is seeking “both social licence and regulatory approval for the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed – a pipeline that would run through hundreds of communities and cross nearly 1,000 lakes and rivers. Canadians won’t be tricked into putting our precious land, air and water in the hands of a company that feels it needs to resort to underhanded tactics to get its way.”
But TransCanada spokesman Shawn Howard told BayToday that the documents are older versions.
“The documents you have received were recommendations provided to TransCanada for the Energy East project.  While the versions you have are not the latest, we have moved forward with implementing certain components of the strategy.  Those include our paid media campaigns in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, our online components with the launch of our energyeastpipeline.com microsite in French and English and our advocacy program, which allows those who support the project an opportunity to speak out and share their personal stories.”
And Howard says the company will aggressively hold opponents feet to the fire.
“One of the lessons that we have learned on Keystone XL is the importance of holding opponents accountable for the claims they make.”
TransCanada has sought permission from the National Energy Board for permission to convert their existing pipeline, part of which will run under North Bay’s Trout Lake.