Toronto, ON – We are seriously concerned by TransCanada’s secret plans to push its controversial Energy East proposal using unethical methods.
Documents leaked to Greenpeace reveal TransCanada’s plans to spend millions creating fake grassroots campaigns, conducting “detailed background research on key opposition groups,” and enlisting “supportive third parties” to “put the pressure on [groups like Environmental Defence], especially when TransCanada can’t.”
The company hired by TransCanada, Edelman, used these same shady tactics in the United States as part of corporate misinformation campaigns, including the tobacco lobby’s efforts to deny the link between smoking and cancer, and oil industry campaigns to undermine science showing humans are causing climate change. They are intended to spread misinformation and silence public opposition.
At Environmental Defence, we believe in democratic, open, informed public debate – something that TransCanada is clearly nervous about. Why else would it go so far to try to silence Canadians? We won’t be distracted from working with Canadians to speak out about Energy East’s risks.
TransCanada is seeking both social licence and regulatory approval for the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed – a pipeline that would run through hundreds of communities and cross nearly 1,000 lakes and rivers. Canadians won’t be tricked into putting our precious land, air and water in the hands of a company that feels it needs to resort to underhanded tactics to get its way.
Canadians deserve honest, straight forward answers to concerns about risks to our shared environment, our health and our economy – not sleazy tactics borrowed from tobacco companies.
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