Emphasising the importance of clean water and sustainable beaches, Environmental Defence Canada’s Blue Flag Program Manager, Brett Tryon talks to International Innovation about the impact it has had so far in safeguarding Canadian shorelines

Firstly, how did you become involved with the Blue Flag Campaign?
I became aware of the Blue Flag Campaign during my first job for Environmental Defence as a canvasser, in which I got to speak about the organisation’s great work. I was new to Toronto, and the Blue Flag programme dispelled the myth that the city’s beaches were unsafe for swimming – on the contrary, I learned that they met international standards. A few years later, I returned to Environmental Defence to manage the Blue Flag Canada programme. 
As a highly respected and recognised international eco-label, what does the Blue Flag symbolise?
It is an international symbol of excellence and a source of pride for local communities. No matter where you go, when you see a Blue Flag flying you know you are at one of the best beaches or marinas in the world – one that is clean, has excellent facilities and meets high safety and environmental standards…