Media Advisory: Today TransCanada is expected to file its NEB application for Energy East. Environmental Defence spokespeople will be available for interviews today, including at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this morning.
At 4:30 pm today, media are invited to a sneak peek of the photo exhibit, Exposing Energy East, which launches today in Toronto and highlights people and places the mega-pipeline threatens. 
Statement from Environmental Defence’s Adam Scott on TransCanada’s NEB application for the Energy East pipeline project:
Toronto, ON — TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline plan is all risk and no reward for Canadians. This risky pipeline, which would be even bigger than Keystone XL, would put the water and properties of millions of Canadians at risk.
Energy East is not needed to supply Canadians with energy. As an export pipeline, Energy East would not create many permanent jobs and it won’t help local economies. Up to 90 per cent of Energy East’s oil is expected to be exported unrefined.
Energy East is another attempt from the oil industry to ship tar sands to our oceans for export. Other mega-pipeline projects, Keystone XL and Northern Gateway, have been delayed by overwhelming public opposition. Eastern Canadians won’t accept the risks any more than B.C. or U.S. residents.
Energy East would put hundreds of rivers and lakes at risks of a tar sands oil spill. It would also threaten our climate. Canada cannot take meaningful action on climate change and build this pipeline. Energy East would lead to a massive increase in Canada’s carbon emissions – equivalent to putting over 7 million new cars on the road.
Canada doesn’t need yet another gigantic pipeline. This is a time when Canada should be seizing opportunities to be a leader in the clean economy. We have the ingenuity, resources, and potential to build a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren that won’t damage our climate and communities.
It’s time Canada invested in our future, not in risky pipelines that lock us into the past, tip us closer to dangerous climate change and put our land, air, water and climate at risk.
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