North York Mirror
Environment action group Environmental Defence is applauding a city initiative to expand greenbelts, which will better protect the Don, Humber and Etobicoke Creek watersheds.
“This means the Don and Humber rivers and Etobicoke Creek will finally join the Rouge Watershed as protected areas under the Greenbelt Act,” the organization’s Susan Swail said in a statement.
Calling the city motion that passed July 11 ‘historic’, Swail praised councillors for adding the public lands into the greenbelt’s “protective fold” and for connecting Toronto’s rivers and valleys systems to the greenbelt’s natural heritage system.
“It’s great to see local efforts to grow the greenbelt. Since 2010, Toronto has been looking to grow the greenbelt. That goal is now becoming a reality, thanks to Ontario’s new urban river valley designation designed for municipalities,” she said.
“Ontario’s Greenbelt is 1.8 million acres of prime farmland and important natural heritage systems that protect species, habitat and local food production. The greenbelt also protects the drinking water of millions of Ontarians by protecting the sources of our watersheds and the valley and river systems as the water travels to Lake Ontario.”…