Toronto, ON – Today, the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) and Clean Production Action (CPA) released a comprehensive assessment of the hazards posed by triclosan and triclocarban – two chemicals commonly used as antibacterial agents in consumer products.
This assessment provides further evidence that these chemicals need to be banned from products – especially when it comes to protecting aquatic life. It is very concerning that 95 per cent of triclosan and the vast majority of triclocarban go down the drain and into lakes and rivers. Even though triclosan was declared toxic to the environment by Environment Canada in 2012, it can still be found in as many as 1,600 products on store shelves.
As found in Environmental Defence’s Trouble with Triclosan report, released in 2012, triclosan may be harmful to human health as well. It has been linked to endocrine disruption and breast cancer cell growth and may also contribute to antibiotic resistance in bacteria helping to create “superbugs.”
With growing momentum to phase-out or ban the use of this chemical around the world, now is the time for the Canadian government and industry to step up and remove this unnecessary, and harmful, chemical from products to protect human health and the environment.
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