Approving the Northern Gateway pipeline rejects science, disrespects First Nations, ignores the government of British Columbia and brushes aside the voices of millions of Canadians. It makes clear that the federal cabinet will approve even the most destructive tar sands projects and put land, water, communities and our climate at great risk.
Despite cabinet’s approval, the pipeline will not be built. These conditions cannot be met – an approval with conditions is as good as a no. Opposition to the project will only grow louder and stronger every day. This project will be challenged in the courts and on the ground. People across Canada and the globe will support First Nations and British Columbians in their efforts to oppose this irresponsible pipeline project.
The federal government has the authority to approve this reckless project but it also has the responsibility to reject it. We are calling on all MPs in the House of Commons to speak up for Canada and urge the federal cabinet to reconsider this irresponsible decision. We are also asking MLAs in British Columbia to listen to their constituents and take all necessary actions to ensure that this pipeline cannot be built across B.C. land and waters.
We also ask that Enbridge withdraw its plans to build this pipeline in recognition of the risks of the project and the lack of support that it has received. A responsible company recognizes that it should not go where it is not welcome and we welcome Enbridge’s recent statements regarding not proceeding in the absence of public and First Nations support.
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