The federal government’s decision to approve the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline sparked some quick and strong reaction Tuesday. Here’s a sample:
“Enbridge and our partners in the Northern Gateway Project welcome today’s decision … However, we have more work ahead of us. The decision is one more step in the process; a process that requires a considered and respectful approach with our stakeholders.”
– Al Monaco, president of Enbridge  
“We’re talking about a severe threat to social order, social peace, not only in British Columbia but across Canada if Mr. Harper continues to ignore science, continues to ignore First Nations, continues to ignore communities”
– NDP Leader Tom Mulcair
“This current government has been nothing but a cheerleader for this pipeline from the very beginning when Canadians needed a referee, and I will not be approving this pipeline.”
– Liberal leader Justin Trudeau
“If this project was allowed to go ahead – which is why it will not be allowed to go ahead by British Columbians – it would cause permanent damage to the British Columbian economy and to our environment.”
– Green party leader Elizabeth May
“The decision shows yet again that the federal government is intent on recklessly expanding the tar sands regardless of how it affects communities, the environment or the planet.”
– Mike Hudema, Greenpeace Canada
“The Northern Gateway project is a major economic win for B.C. and for Canada. We applaud the federal government for making the right decision for our province and our country today.”
— John Winter, British Columbia Chamber of Commerce
“Approving pipeline infrastructure that incents further oilsands expansion is not in the public interest in the absence of credible regulations to curb the growth of carbon pollution from the sector.”
– Erin Flanagan, Pembina Institute
“Approving the Northern Gateway pipeline rejects science, disrespects First Nations, ignores the government of British Columbia and brushes aside the voices of millions of Canadians.”
– Tim Gray, Environmental Defence
“Natural resource development is central to a prosperous and competitive province and projects like Northern Gateway promise to play a vital role in the growth of our economy. More importantly, they will provide improved employment opportunities and enhanced training resources to our membership across Northern BC.”
— Manley McLachlan, British Columbia Construction Association