Toronto, ON – The State of Minnesota has banned the controversial antimicrobial chemical triclosan from most consumer products, due to health and environmental concerns. By 2017, products containing triclosan will not be permitted to be sold in the State. Environmental Defence applauds this decision, and calls on the Canadian government to do the same.
Triclosan was declared toxic to the environment by Environment Canada in 2012, but the chemical remains in over 1,600 products on store shelves. Triclosan is toxic to aquatic life, and research indicates it is also harmful to human health.  There is evidence that triclosan affects the hormonal system, may be harmful to the immune system, and contributes to antibiotic resistance in bacteria therefore creating so called “superbugs.” Recently, scientists found a link between triclosan exposure and breast cancer cell growth.
There is no evidence that washing hands with products containing triclosan is any more effective than regular soap and water, yet it continues to pollute the environment and the bodies of Canadians.
More needs to be done to protect the health of Canadians and the environment from exposure to this toxic chemical.
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