Today’s budget is more remarkable for what it doesn’t have in it than what it does: it contains no investment in energy efficiency or renewable energy and fails to mention climate change a single time in 427 pages. Climate change is the biggest threat to our way of life and security and is already impacting Canadians from coast to coast to coast, yet there’s no investment in reducing climate change pollution or preparing Canadians for the impacts of it in the budget.
Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money are handed to the oil industry in the form of subsidies. This same amount could create an estimated seven times more jobs if it was invested in sectors that help fight climate change, like energy efficiency, instead of in the companies responsible for Canada’s growing carbon pollution problem. 
The government has a blind spot for the many good jobs that would be created if it levelled the playing field to support energy conservation, renewable energy and green transit. We don’t need to choose between a clean environment and good jobs.
As countries around the world invest in the modern, innovative clean energy sector, Canada is at risk of being left behind. Clinging to last century’s dirty fossil fuels also holds us back from reducing climate change pollution.
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