We applaud the Ministry of Natural Resources for catching and fining the driver and the trucking company that were trying to bring live Asian carp into Ontario. Asian carp are a zombie-fish that can survive out of water on ice for up to two days, meaning that just because they look dead doesn’t mean they are.
It’s illegal to bring live Asian carp into Ontario for good reason. If they make it into the Great Lakes, they could quickly destroy the ecosystem and crowd out other fish, hurting the $7 billion annual fishery. They’re huge, eat everything in sight and reproduce like crazy.
Asian carp could enter the Great Lakes over land or in water. That’s why we need a permanent barrier between the Asian carp-infested Mississippi Basin and the Great Lakes to prevent them from swimming through the artificially connected waterways.
And, that’s why we support the proposed policy that all Asian carp being imported into the province should first be gutted; in other words, make sure they are really dead. There’s too much at stake to let the zombie-fish sneak past the border.
To learn more about the threat of an Asian Carp invasion and what can be done, please download Environmental Defence’s report, Tipping the Scales: How Canada and Ontario Can Prevent an Asian Carp Invasion of the Great Lakes at environmentaldefence.ca/asiancarp
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