There are lots of great stories about Canadians out there… Like that we are a nation of hockey-loving, plaid-wearing, “aboot”-saying, double double lovers, to name a few. It’s Annual Report time again, and we’ve been taking stock of the last year. In the process, we came up with another characteristic to add to Canada’s resume: Canadians have a lot to say about protecting our environment and human health.

This year, we’ve been proud to hear from many different voices from many different communities; First Nations, workers, academics, economists, scientists, musicians, artists, moms, dads, and students, to name a few—who have spoken up for the kind of Canada they want to live in. Our 2013 Annual Report is full of stories about these Canadians, without whom, we couldn’t have undertaken so many important efforts to protect Canada’s future…

Efforts like the 26 million tonne quarry we stopped in the sensitive Niagara Escarpment.

Like the tests we did of umbilical cord blood to expose how babies are being born pre-polluted with harmful chemicals.

Like our ongoing work with communities across Canada to promote clean water and environmental excellence on our beaches.

And, like when we raised awareness about Asian carp, and its threat to the Great Lakes, about the risks of an economy tied to dirty oil, about the nasty chemicals in men’s body care products, and about the potential to grow the Greenbelt into Ontario’s urban river valleys.

We’ve had a pretty great year thanks to supporters like you, but you needn’t take our word for it. Have a look at the Annual Report, and see for yourself.