Statement from Gillian McEachern of Environmental Defence regarding Ontario’s public review of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline
The Government of Ontario has made a good decision in launching a public review of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East tar sands pipeline. Ontario is stepping up while the federal government has stepped back.
The federal government has gutted environmental protection laws, limited the ability of people to have a say in major development proposals and tried to ignore those with concerns about these large oil infrastructure projects. 
This project could become North America’s largest tar sands pipeline, far larger even than Keystone XL. The Energy East proposal is too big and risky to trust Canada’s broken federal pipeline process to protect the interests of Ontario’s residents.
We know that people in Ontario are concerned about the risks of a tar sands spill in their communities and want to see strong action on climate change. Energy East could carry more than a million barrels of oil through Ontario’s forests and cities and across dozens of rivers that feed the Great Lakes, which provide drinking water for millions of people. It would also deliver a massive amount of carbon pollution, locking us into a more dangerous climate future.
I’m glad the province has decided to hear from its residents. Ontarians deserve a say in whether the province should be placed in harm’s way so the oil industry can export vast quantities of tar sands oil. 
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