Toronto, ON – With the National Energy Board hearings on the Line 9B reversal underway in Toronto until Saturday, media are invited to a technical briefing with the expert authors of two independent reports that raise serious doubts about the safety and economic benefits of Enbridge’s plan.
International pipeline safety expert Richard Kuprewicz will explain his assessment of “a high risk of rupture on Line 9 in the early years of the reversal” and address Enbridge’s refusal to prudently implement the lessons from its Marshall, Michigan rupture. (To read his report in full, click here.)
Energy economists Ian Goodman and Brigid Rowan demonstrated to the Obama administration that the economic benefits and job numbers for Keystone XL have been greatly exaggerated by proponents. They will discuss why Enbridge’s Line 9B Reversal and Line 9 Capacity Expansion Project involves asubstantial risk of major economic damage and disruption. This isespecially true in Toronto and Montreal, where the pipeline runs parallel to or across key urban infrastructure and could threaten the drinking water supply, resulting in multi-billion dollar costs. (To read the report in full, click here.)
CVs of the experts can be viewed here.
What: Technical briefing with authors of two influential reports on Line 9B’s risks
When: Friday, October 18, 2013 at 11 a.m.
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, 700 Level, Room 706
For remote access: Journalists who want to participate online can log in at:
Richard Kuprewicz, President, Accufacts Inc., International pipeline safety expert
Ian Goodman, President, The Goodman Group, Ltd., Energy economist
Brigid Rowan, Senior Economist, The Goodman Group, Ltd., Energy economist
Introduced by:
Steven Guilbeault, Senior Director, Equiterre
Adam Scott, Climate and Energy Program Manager, Environmental Defence
Speakers will be available for on-site and phone interviews before and after the event.
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