Toronto, ON – We are delighted that Bill 6, the Great Lakes Protection Act, passed its second reading in the Ontario legislature yesterday.
Bill 6 has now been referred to the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills. Public hearings on the bill will likely occur later this fall.
More than 80 per cent of Ontarians get their drinking water from the Great Lakes. That’s why we need strong and effective legislation to strengthen our stewardship of almost 20 per cent of the world’s available fresh water.
We are pleased to see the majority of Ontario’s legislature standing up for the Great Lakes by supporting legislation that will improve water quality, protect our wetlands, beaches and coastlines, and enhance recreational opportunities for numerous shoreline communities.
The bill passed with 62 votes in favour. The final voting was tally was: 

Liberal Party: 44 in favour
New Democratic Party: 18 in favour
Progressive Conservative Party: 33 against 

The proposed Great Lakes Protection Act would provide new tools to restore and protect the lakes. Targets and action plans would also be created to better address the complex challenges facing the Great Lakes now and into the future.
Ontarians don’t want to see more algae blooms, fish die-offs, and invasive species in their lakes. Now is the time to take strong action to protect the Great Lakes for many years to come.
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