Toronto, ON – We applaud Minister Chiarelli for confirming that new nuclear reactors won’t be part of Ontario’s new energy plan. This decision is good for the pocketbooks of families and businesses. It’s also good for the environment and avoids spending billions of dollars on energy that we just don’t need.
Plans to build new nuclear reactors were a barrier to expanding renewable energy and energy conservation. The costs of nuclear energy keep rising worldwide, while the costs of renewable energy are dropping. Energy conservation is the cheapest way to supply our energy needs and cut global warming pollution while also saving people and businesses money on their electricity bills.
Ontario has shown leadership by phasing out coal-fired electricity generation and spurring the rapid growth in renewable energy. Today’s news means the province won’t be locked into decades of increased nuclear energy.
We encourage the province to continue this leadership with the new Long-term Energy Plan by implementing Ontario’s vision to put energy conservation first, continuing to build renewable energy and making sure decisions about major energy projects consider the full costs and alternatives.
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