Toronto, ON – Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie & The Sadies, Hayden and Minotaurs will play at Rock the Line – a free concert on Sunday October 6 at 2 p.m. at Mel Lastman Square to raise awareness about Enbridge’s risky Line 9 pipeline plan.
Line 9 is a 38-year-old pipeline that runs across Southern Ontario. Enbridge wants to reverse its flow, increase capacity and pump a more dangerous substance (chemically diluted tar sands bitumen) at high pressure through the line, which was not designed for this purpose.
“The Line 9 proposal puts communities all across Southern Ontario at risk of a tar sands oil spill,” Sarah Harmer said. “It also risks the dangerous release of carcinogenic chemicals into our air. The more I learn about the likelihood of pipeline ruptures with the Line 9 plan, the more convinced I am this plan needs to be rejected.”
Rock the Line is hosted by Environmental Defence and Sarah Harmer. Both will be intervenors at Line 9’s National Energy Board hearings, which begin on October 8.
Pipeline experts who have reviewed the Line 9 plan say pipeline ruptures are a real risk. Line 9 crosses every river that flows into Lake Ontario on the Canadian side, and the St. Lawrence. In Toronto, it crosses the Rouge River and runs along the Finch corridor – just a few blocks away from Mel Lastman Square.
“Enbridge’s Line 9 proposal puts the drinking water of millions at risk of an oil spill. Ontarians shouldn’t have their water threatened – just to benefit the bottom lines of oil companies,” said Adam Scott of Environmental Defence. “Line 9 carries many risks, but no rewards for communities along the pipeline’s route.”
Environmental Defence is asking the Province of Ontario for a full environmental assessment of this risky project. “Ontarians deserve to know how this pipeline could impact our shared environment,” Scott added.
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