Toronto, ON – We would like to applaud Walmart U.S., the largest retailer south of the border, for taking huge strides today to help protect the health of its customers and the environment.
In its announcement, Walmart U.S. committed to reducing or eliminating 10 chemicals in the products it sells and for suppliers to fully disclose the ingredients in their products. Suppliers will be required to provide online public ingredient disclosure by January 2015.
Consumers should have the right to know what’s in the products they buy, so they can make informed purchasing decisions and reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals. This sets a new standard for other companies to follow.
Environmental Defence has long called for companies to remove toxic chemicals from their products and to fully disclose their ingredient lists particularly in cosmetics, fragrance and parfum. The announcement by Walmart U.S. will undoubtedly result in improvements in this area.
We believe that today’s announcement indicates a positive shift in industry. And it is our hope that other companies will follow suit.
Read the full Walmart announcement:
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