Toronto, ON – TransCanada’s proposal to export over a million barrels of tar sands oil every day through eastern Canada is a new major threat to the safety of our communities and our climate.
Canadians are right to be skeptical of TransCanada’s inflated projections for job creation from its pipelines proposals. The company’s massively overstated jobs numbers for its controversial Keystone XL pipeline had no basis in reality, with the U.S. President recently noting the project was likely only to create about 50 permanent jobs there.
In recent months, the dangers of transporting oil have made headlines. Numerous disasters have caused the tragic loss of life, major health impacts, and permanent damage to communities and our environment. The economic cost has also been significant, with the Kalamazoo and Lac Megantic disasters each exceeding $1 billion in clean-up and remediation costs.
On top of these risks, tar sands export pipelines would facilitate the unchecked expansion of the tar sands, the fastest growing source of global warming pollution in Canada. The economic impacts of a warming climate were felt in Alberta and Ontario in the form of unprecedented flooding this summer. Cleanup costs from Calgary’s flooding exceeded $3 billion dollars while costs of cleaning up Toronto’s flooding are estimated at $850 million.
It’s a poorly kept secret that the oil and gas industry has one of the lowest job creation ratios per dollar spent. For comparison, an equivalent investment into energy efficiency or renewable energy projects would generate up to eight times as many jobs. A recent report from Blue Green Canada shows that over 25,000 jobs could be created in Ontario alone if the province fully embraces energy efficiency and conservation measures.
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