Toronto, ON – Environmental Defence is encouraged by the Ontario government’s announcement today that it will seek to improve the planning process in Ontario by reviewing the way land-use planning decisions are made and how urban development is financed. This move could signal a renewed commitment to municipalities and ensure that the Places to Grow and Greenbelt Acts are implemented and that the true costs of growth are paid for upfront and not by taxpayers.
There is a clear need to help municipalities and residents who are struggling to pay the true costs of growth across the province. We hope today’s announcement is the start of a process that will help to ensure municipal governments have all the tools they need to build strong, resilient, transit- friendly and sustainable communities. Our economy depends on it.

Environmental Defence is concerned about the costs of sprawl and how sprawl impacts Ontario’s communities. Last week we released the report The High Costs of Sprawl: Why Building More Sustainable Communities Will Save Us Time and Money. The report unveiled the hidden costs of sprawl to our environment, our economy and our health. The report found that, in some instances, up to 40 per cent of costs for sprawl infrastructure are being passed on to local taxpayers and municipalities.

The report can be downloaded at

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