Toronto, ON — We are delighted today by B.C.’s responsible decision to reject Enbridge’s risky proposed Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline and tanker project. B.C. has done the right thing by protecting the rights, environment and health of Canadians over the narrow interests of oil companies.
The B.C. government has listened to the concerns of its residents, and people across Canada, about the risks of this project. Northern Gateway is not in the interests of the province, and it isn’t in the interests of Canadians. This is an inspiring example of what people can do when they come together to push for the future we want and our kids need – a safe climate, healthy oceans and forests, and a sustainable economy.
If built, the pipeline would have carried 100 million tonnes of carbon pollution each year, the equivalent of putting 18 million cars on the road. Given the urgent need to tackle climate change, building new oil pipelines to fuel tar sands expansion is the wrong direction for B.C. and for Canada.
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