Statement by Gillian McEachern, Campaigns Director, on BILD’s claim that land use policy is harming the GTA housing market:
Toronto, ON – Ontario’s homeowners shouldn’t be asked to fork over a chunk of their property value and pay more in local taxes to subsidize an outdated, wasteful model for building new homes.
The GTA is one of the fastest growing housing markets in North America, yet some developers are asking the Ontario government to reduce controls on urban sprawl. Preventing urban sprawl protects our air, farmland and natural spaces, reduces the amount of time people spend in traffic and saves municipalities money.
Some developers have already responded to changing consumer preferences by building more livable communities at reasonable prices. This shows we don’t need to accept low density projects that promote urban sprawl in order to have affordable homes.
Instead of pressuring Ontarians to subsidize an outdated urban sprawl model of building new homes by handing over more land, low-rise developers should adapt to changing preferences for housing and focus on livable communities that support transit, good quality of life and efficient use of municipal dollars.
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