Enbridge’s Line 9 oil pipeline proposal is all risk and no reward for Ontario. Our drinking water and farmland should not be put at risk of a potential tar sands oil spill just to help big oil get even bigger. Tar sands oil creates a greater risk of oil spills, and is more dangerous and difficult to clean up.
In the past, important issues like the risks of potential oil spills to communities and the economic consequences of an oil spill have been swept under the carpet.
This time, Ontarians need real answers from Enbridge. Given the company’s track record – Enbridge was labeled the ‘Keystone Kops’ by the U.S. government – why would we trust them with a risky project that runs through the most populated part of the country?
Municipalities, and concerned Ontarians, are calling for a full review of the risks of this project. Just yesterday, Toronto City Council followed other municipalities in saying they plan to have a say in this.
As world leaders gather at this year’s UN climate summit, now is not the time to lock into more dirty energy like this proposal would do. Instead, it’s time to focus on clean energy solutions that will power our future and be responsible to the economy and the environment.
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