Glenorchy Conservation Area in Oakville is to be added to the Ontario Greenbelt, MPP Kevin Flynn, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton and Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr announced today at a press release in North Oakville.
The Greenbelt was created to protect greenspace and prevent urban sprawl in one of the most densely populated areas of Canada. Today, it spans an area roughly the size of Prince Edward Island.
Adding Glenorchy to the Greenbelt will enhance Halton’s natural beauty and encourage businesses to move to Halton, Mr. Carr said. He noted, “If it’s a good place to live . . . people will want to come here”.
Other announcements were a consultation to discuss a proposed Urban River Valley legislation that would allow municipalities to protect land near urban waterways and the provincial government’s promise to provide Conservation Halton with all the trees it needs to restore Glenorchy.
Lawyer David Donnelly of Environmental Defence Canada, who spoke at the event, thanked the politicians for their dedication to Glenorchy’s protection and reminded the audience of Halton’s natural beauty, saying, “When I come to Halton, I say to myself, I’m surrounded by nature.”