We applaud Quebec for announcing a formal review of Enbridge’s plan to reverse its aging Line 9 pipeline.
Enbridge’s proposal to ship oil from Sarnia to Montreal carries considerable environmental and health risks. Recently, Enbridge confirmed it will ask permission to change what goes through the pipeline to allow heavy crude, which can include tar sands oil. Tar sands oil is more corrosive to pipes and as a result, more likely to spill. Tar sands oil is also more difficult to clean up after a spill because conventional cleaning methods don’t work.
The Quebec government announced it will examine whether the project is in the best interests of Quebec residents. Economic and environmental impacts of the project will be reviewed before Quebec decides if the Line 9 project will be allowed to proceed in that province.   
In Ontario, Line 9 travels through densely populated areas, and crosses many rivers which flow into the Great Lakes – a source of drinking water for 80 per cent of Ontarians. As part of our work educating people about the need to protect drinking water and agriculture land, we work with local residents who are concerned about the potential risks of Enbridge’s Line 9 proposal.
Recent weakened federal oversight on energy projects makes it crucial provinces step in. We call on the Ontario government to announce a formal review of the Line 9 reversal project. The public does not want Ontario to be a passive conduit of tar sands oil for export. Ontario should not be forced to accept all of the environmental and economic risks of this project with little reward.
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For more on Quebec’s formal review, read this article from La Presse.
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