TORONTO – Leave it up to artists to help draw attention to a cause.

Beginning Tuesday, artists in Ontario will be creating murals out of toxic makeup at university campuses in an effort to raise awareness about toxins found in commonly used cosmetics and personal care products.

Initiated by Environmental Defence, a Canadian organization dedicated to helping the environment, the installations will prompt consumers to think about what’s really in their makeup.
Passersby will be asked to sign a petition, in lipstick, calling upon the cosmetics industry to remove toxic chemicals from personal care products.

“Canadians deserve to know what’s in the products they use, and to be protected from toxic substances in our personal care products,” said Maggie MacDonald, toxic program manager at Environmental Defence. “As consumers demand safer products, we hope that manufacturers hear their call, and keep toxic substances out of cosmetics.”

These live educational art installations are the newest addition to Environmental Defence’s Just Beautiful program to help raise awareness about the ingredients in personal care products. 

The live art installations will take place at the following locations between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Toronto on September 11 at University of Toronto St. George Campus
Waterloo on September 12 at University of Waterloo
Ottawa on September 14 at University of Ottawa
Sudbury on September 18 at Laurentian University.