“50 years is too long to wait to stop pollution from coal. Burning coal creates pollution that has been linked to hundreds of premature deaths from smog every year, causes the accumulation of toxic mercury in fish and wildlife and is the single largest source of global warming pollution in Canada.
We are disappointed today to see that new federal rules to curb pollution from coal power are much weaker, not stronger, than put forward a year ago. The federal government has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but this can only be don e if polluting industries like coal, oil and gas do their fair share.
The International Energy Agency recently warned about the dangers of ‘locking-in’ dirty energy infrastructure like coal power, making it much harder to avoid dangerous climate change. Given the serious threats to our climate and the health of Canadians, we simply cannot wait 50 years to stop coal pollution as the rules announced today would allow.
Faster action is clearly possible: Ontario will stop burning coal entirely by 2014 and B.C. and Nova Scotia are also taking action to reduce coal use. We can create power and jobs in the growing clean energy sector, and don’t need to accept decades more of polluting, dangerous energy sources.”
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