I am pleased that the province is sticking to its guns by refusing to give Innisfil more land to fill with low density subdivisions, decades in the future.

Innisfil should give up on supporting an outdated, environmentally damaging approach to growth. A healthy future for people and Lake Simcoe does not look like tract housing, a car per person, and extensive paved areas. We need agricultural land, forests, meadows and wetlands to secure a sustainable future. Sprinkling small three to four storey apartment or condo buildings into single family home neighbourhoods works, looks good, and would go some way towards getting all the people Innisfil wants, on the land the province will let them develop. It’s just not the most profitable model for developers. But, it was the people who elected the current council, not developers. Get with it, Innisfil.

Claire Malcolmson, Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition and Environmental Defence