“Today President Obama acted on the hopes of thousands of Americans who stood up for a clean and safe environment in the face of intense pressure from wealthy big oil interests. We applaud his decision to reject TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
The pipeline would have carried roughly 150 million tonnes of carbon pollution from the tar sands to the U.S. each year, the equivalent of over 26 million more cars on the road, or nearly 8 billion tonnes over the life of the project. Today’s decision is, therefore, an important victory in global efforts to tackle global warming, and a clear signal that further tar sands expansion is the wrong direction for our climate, our water and our land.
This decision stands in stark contrast to the role that Canada’s federal government has played in recent weeks with respect to Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline, instigating a smear campaign against those opposed to the project in an effort to avoid talking about the contribution to catastrophic climate change and increased air and water pollution it would bring.
The unwillingness of the industry to change and the failure of the federal government to do its job to regulate the sector are fueling the concerns among citizens in Canada, the U.S., Europe and elsewhere about the environmental damage caused by tar sands extraction. No amount of public relations spin can cover up the fact that expanding tar sands is a dangerous route for our health and the planet.
Finally, I extend congratulations to the people in Nebraska and across the U.S. who have stood up for the environment, their land and their health. Today’s decision provides hope and inspiration to people across North America fighting for a clean energy future.”
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