Penelope Rebuts “Childish” Ontario Election Attack Ad
Schoolyard Tactics Won’t Deter Her, She Says
Toronto, ON – Penelope, the eight year-old girl now waging a non-partisan provincial election campaign to focus attention on the environment, responded today to an attack ad directed at her. Her challenger, “Donald” goes after Penelope in a minute long political style attack ad, complete with ominous music that can be seen here:

“These schoolyard tactics won’t deter me from putting forward a positive message to Ontarians about a better environment,” said Penelope in a statement. “I wish Donald would stop being so childish, but then again I guess he’s only eight like me.”
The attack ad accuses Penelope of waging a “war on pavement” with her support of Ontario’s Greenbelt, and says that she will come “crying back to coal” when the sun explodes and we can’t generate energy from solar panels and windmills.
“Future schmuture” the ad finishes, making an attack on Penelope’s tagline that “You can’t really vote for a kid, but you can vote for her future.”
Penelope and Donald are soon due to square off in a debate, the results of which will be publicly available on Monday.
Environmental Defence has been working with Penelope since the start of the Ontario election, touring the province to bring a focus on environmental issues and to issue information about the parties’ platforms.
The campaign website, , features Penelope’s campaign video, documenting her tour of Ontario. It also features a report card of parties’ environmental commitments. Site visitors can pledge their votes for the environment, because “you can’t really vote for a kid, but you can vote for her future.” Penelope’s tour across Ontario continues next week where she will be making speaking appearances, meeting the public, and handing out campaign buttons.
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