Metro Ottawa
Joe Laforo
Penelope Plessas greets people in the ByWard Market Thursday morning and tells them about her environment-focused provincial election campaign.
Sporting a pinstriped pantsuit and a killer smile, Penelope Plessas stopped in Ottawa Thursday to tell people about her provincial election campaign.
Oh yeah, she’s eight years old.
 The Toronto native is campaigning on behalf of Environmental Defence, a national charity focused on the connection between the environment and human health.
“It’s my home,” she said. “It’s my habitat, it’s a habitat for all living things on Earth, and we’re all connected and I want to protect it.
“I’ve been to a wind farm and a solar farm and I think it’s really cool. You can use it (to) light (and) to heat a house,” she added in a speech.
 The aim of her non-partisan campaign is to ensure that Ontario voters think of her future on Oct. 6.
More information on Plessas’ campaign is available at
Penelope Plessas explained why the environment is important to her while she handed out “Penelope cookies” to people at Le Moulin de Provence.
The bakery is where U.S. President Barack Obama bought cookies — now called “Obama cookies” — in 2009.