For Immediate Release:  November 18, 2010
National Bestseller “Slow Death by Rubber Duck” Released in French
MONTREAL — After making the national bestseller lists in Canada and Australia, Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life will be released in French (under the title Vilain petit canard. Ces produits domestiques qui nous intoxiquent) this week. The book, co-authored by Dr. Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie, Executive Director and past President of Environmental Defence, takes a closer look at everyday pollutants and the ease with which they accumulate in the human body. To illustrate this issue, Smith and Lourie experimented on their own bodies, raising and lowering levels of toxic chemicals in their blood and urine through the performance of common activities.
“Slow Death By Rubber Duck is hard-hitting in a way that turns your stomach and yet also instills hope for a future in which consumers make safer, more informed choices and push their governments to impose tougher regulations on the chemicals all around us,” said The Washington Post, after the successful release of the book in the U.S.
Slow Death by Rubber Duck has not just raised consumer interest around the world, but has also played a major role in advancing the toxics debate in Canada and Australia. Since it was released, Canada has added bisphenol A (BPA) to the Toxic Substances List, and the Australian government is working to get it out of baby bottles.
The book has just been released in Swedish and Polish, and there are forthcoming editions in Korean, Chinese, and Portuguese.
Co-author Dr. Rick Smith will be speaking at Salon du livre de Montréal on Saturday November 20, on the Carrefour Desjardins stage, from 12:30-1pm, followed by a book signing at the MultiMondes stand until 2PM.
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