(Montreal and Toronto) A full page ad running today in le Soleil  calls on Premiers Charest and McGuinty to respond to the oil spill in the U.S. Gulf by pledging to get off oil. The ad, placed by Equiterre and Environmental Defence, is timed with the first day of a joint Quebec/Ontario cabinet meeting in Quebec City.
“Quebec and Ontario send tens of billions of dollars each year to oil companies in the U.S. Gulf and in the tar sands, when instead we could be creating jobs at home by getting off oil,” said Steven Guilbeault, spokesperson for Equiterre. “We call upon the Quebec and Ontario cabinets meeting today to commit to breaking the stranglehold that the oil companies have on people’s transportation choices.”
Both Quebec and Ontario have taken some steps to transition away from oil. Quebec has levied a fee on wholesale gasoline sales. Ontario has introduced a Green Energy Act. Both provinces have pledged to create a cap and trade system on major polluters, but have yet to implement it. Neither province has a comprehensive strategy to cut oil use.
“Denmark, Israel and other countries are right now making game-changing investments in electrifying their vehicle fleets,” said Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence. “Quebec and Ontario have what it takes to join these leaders, but need to both follow on existing commitments on less polluting energy, and to make the new ones needed to truly rise to the challenge.”
The ad can be viewed online at www.environmentaldefence.ca  and www.Equiterre.org .
Equiterre is a Quebec-based group that empowers citizens, organizations and governments to make environmentally sound and socially responsible choices. Visit www.equiterre.org .  Environmental Defence, is a national charity dedicated to protecting the environment and human health. Visit www.environmentaldefence.ca
For more information or to arrange interviews contact:
(French) Eveline Trudel-Fugere, Equiterre, 514-605-2000
(English) Jennifer Foulds, Environmental Defence, 416.323.9521 ext. 232; (647) 280-9521 (cell)