Noor Javed
Staff Reporter

Canada is quickly moving toward becoming the first country in the world to formally limit the use of the chemical bisphenol A and officially declare it a toxic substance.
The government’s decision to proceed with placing the chemical on the hazardous substance list was published in today’s edition of the Canada Gazette.
In a release sent out yesterday, the government announced it would immediately proceed with drafting regulations to prohibit the importation, sale and advertising of bottles containing bisphenol A and limit the amount released into the environment.
“Today’s confirmation of our ban on BPA in baby bottles proves that our government did the right thing … ” said Canada’s Environment Minister John Baird, in the release.
Six months ago, Health Minister Tony Clement announced the intention to ban baby bottles that contain the chemical, over concerns of exposure to high levels of the chemical, especially when the bottles were heated.
Studies have found bisphenol A acts like the female hormone estrogen, and it has been linked to cancer and infertility in animals. Recently, it was found that higher exposures to the chemical increased the chance of having cardiovascular disease and adult-onset diabetes.
Aaron Freeman of Environmental Defence said the move is a significant step toward an outright ban.
“Canada is the first jurisdiction worldwide to take action on bisphenol A,” said Freeman. “And other countries and jurisdictions have taken notice.”