Four paddlers will be traveling around Lake Simcoe this weekend in a dock-to-dock fundraising campaign. Don’t be surprised to see them show up on your shoreline.
Claire Malcolmson, the Campaign Lake Simcoe Coordinator, Harry Pilford and Shane Macleod, professional canvassers, as well as volunteer Linda Wells, will launch from a cottage on DeGrassi Point, near Lefroy, at 10 a.m. Saturday, and spend four hours paddling to and from the docks of Lake Simcoe residents to hear their concerns, and raise money to fund Campaign Lake Simcoe. Campaign Lake Simcoe is a partnership of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition, Environmental Defence and Ontario Nature, and is acting to keep the Lake Simcoe Protection Act alive until it is finalized and passed, likely at the end of this year.
“We want to make people realize that this is not over yet,” Malcolmson said.
Malcolmson ran the dock-to-dock campaign about six years ago, and it was a great success, she said.
“You’re taking your chances that people will be on their lawns and docks,” she said. However “people will be more interested if you approach them in a different way,” she added.
This will give residents an opportunity to voice their concerns about the condition of the lake, and become involved in the efforts to save Lake Simcoe.
“It’ll be an adventure and it’ll put smiles on all our faces for sure,” Malcolmson said.
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