The mean-spirited letter to the editor by Earl Rumm of Geranium Corporation (in the March 26 edition of The Scope) underlines more effectively than I ever could the fact that the developer of the proposed Big Bay Point mega-marina would rather try and steamroll his critics through baseless character attacks than to honestly defend the substance of his position.
He is strangely quiet about our allegations – SLAPP suits and cost awards intended to silence opponents. Rumm’s false accusations are too numerous to go through in detail here, but I would make three observations.
First, though Rumm clearly resents it, the last time I checked, Ontario citizens had the right to air their views on important planning matters at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Whether they will continue to do so depends entirely on if the Ontario government steps in and puts an end to Geranium’s abuse of the OMB cost application process to silence present and future critics.
Second, Environmental Defence’s advocacy relating to the possible environmental damage from the Big Bay Point megamarina falls foursquare within our charitable mandate to protect the environment and human health.
It’s exactly why we exist, to alert Canadians to environmental danger.
Finally, not one cent from Ontario taxpayers have gone into our work to protect Lake Simcoe from the proposed mega-marina. Our many donors are supporting this effort, and I am quite certain they would be proud that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the brave Simcoe County residents who are trying to do what’s right in the face of intimidation from wellheeled industry interests.
Rick Smith,
Executive Director of
Environmental Defence