Great news on our bisphenol A campaign!
Mountain Equipment Co-op has stopped selling most products that contain bisphenol A.
The company said it decided to remove products from its shelves until the federal government completes its safety review of the chemical (expected to be done in spring 2008).
Bisphenol A is found in hard plastic reusable bottles (including baby bottles) and the linings of food cans.  Peer-reviewed scientific studies show bisphenol A is associated with adverse health effects.
Read more about MEC’s decision in our news release.
You can help us get bisphenol A banned from food and beverage containers. Sign our petition to the federal government. Tell your friends about our petition.
If you have children going to a daycare centre, check out our campaign to get daycare centres across Canada to stop using products with bisphenol A.
Let MEC know you support its decision to stop selling products that contain bisphenol A!