A study released today by Washington-based Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Environmental Defence shows that a harmful chemical, bisphenol A, is used to line nearly all cans of infant formula.  Bisphenol A is a suspected hormone distributor and has been associated with adverse health effects. You can read more about bisphenol A in our fact sheet.
Several companies were contacted to find out if they use bisphenol A to line cans of infant formula, including  Nestlé, Ross-Abbot (Similac), MeadJohnson (Enfamil), Hain-Celestial (Earth’s Best), and PBM (sold under various names at Walmart, Kroger, Target and other stores).
Previous infant formula testing by EWG and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shown that bisphenol A leaches from the plastic lining of metal cans into liquid formula, exposing formula-fed babies to potentially harmful concentrations that are higher than levels leaching from plastic baby bottles.
Read the highlights of the study in our news release.
For more details, and tips on what parents should do to protect their children from bisphenol A in infant formula, check out EWG’s online guide.