We carried signs reading “Don’t Pollute Me”, “Ban Toxics, Baby” and “Wah! Ban Toxics”. We danced on a sunny morning in the middle of November. We protested about the hazardous chemicals in seemingly harmless products like baby bottles, plastic re-usable water bottles, and other food containers.
Our rally on Tuesday, November 20 on the front lawn of the Ontario Legislature was a huge success. The crowd, some 150 little people, infants, parents, and daycare professionals, gathered to pressure the Ontario government to ban toxic chemicals in baby bottles. Bisphenol A, a chemical used in plastics that are clear and thick, including baby bottles, is our biggest concern. This chemical mimics the action of the human hormone estrogen, and can leach from plastic into our water and food.

Babies are still developing the complexity of hormonal and reproductive systems that will be theirs for a lifetime when we expose them to bottle feeding. The potential long-term health effects are not fully understood.

Parents and kids who came to the rally got free glass bottles and were sent on their way to a healthier future.

After the rally Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty met with some of the parents and their kids to hear their concerns. More importantly, he promised to appoint an expert panel to recommend how the government should deal with harmful chemicals in baby bottles and other consumer products. Bisphenol A will be a priority for the expert panel.

Read the news release for more details about the rally. And, check out some of the media coverage.
Toxic Nation Coordinator