TORONTO (CANADA) November 12, 2007 – The results are in! Estevan, Saskatchewan has won Flick-Fest, the prize in a national competition to raise awareness about global warming. The carbon-neutral music festival will be heading to Estevan in 2008, courtesy of FLICK OFF, a movement to fight climate change by getting Canadians to use less energy.
 Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson announced the winner on Monday, picking up where he left off in April when he urged everyone to take action against the crisis of our time. 
“Humanity’s window to act on climate change is narrowing,” said Sir Richard. “And it’s up to each of us to find new ways of getting more people involved in this global fight. So next spring, Estevan will hold a carbon-neutral party to raise awareness—spreading the word to more Canadians. It’s going to be a blast.”
Estevan, population about 10,000, won by having the highest number of entries per capita. They faced tough competition in Duncan, BC and Wolfville, NS, both of which gave Estevan a run for its money.

“We love that Estevan’s known as the ‘energy city,’” said Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence. “With their major industries all focused on power generation, they are living proof that fossil fuels and clean, climate-saving energy can grow in the same place. We look forward to breaking down old barriers and motivating a whole new generation of environmentalists in the spring. Climate change isn’t waiting, and neither can we.”

Now that the location is known, along with the ticket price—$0—music fans in Estevan are advised to keep their eyes and ears open for the release of the concert’s headlining acts.

“All of Estevan is invited to a party,” said Sir Richard. “There’ll be no cover at the door. In fact, we’re going to throw the door wide open so all of Canada can hear. Not just great music, but real solutions that let each of us do more to fight the crisis of our time.”
FLICK OFF ( is a movement to fight global warming by getting people to use less energy. Its founding partners are Virgin Mobile Canada, MuchMusic, Roots Canada, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment; and Environmental Defence, a registered charity.

For more information, or to arrange interviews with FLICK OFF partners, please contact:

Jennifer Foulds, Environmental Defence
(416) 323-9521 ext. 232 / (647) 280-9521 (cell)