Some bad news if you like to wear red lipstick. A new study done by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in the U.S. found lead contaminates some brands of red lipstick.
The group tested 33 different types of red lipstick, bought in Boston, Hartford, San Francisco and Minneapolis. Twenty lipsticks had detectable levels of lead. Yet, none of the lipsticks listed lead as an ingredient.
Some of the brands that tested positive for lead include: (1) L’Oreal Colour Riche “True Red” – 0.65 ppm; (2) L’Oreal Colour Riche “Classic Wine” – 0.58 ppm; (3) Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor “Maximum Red” – 0.56 ppm; (4) Dior Addict “Positive Red” – 0.21 ppm.
Read more about the study in the Environmental News Service article, “Red Lipstick Spreads the Lead.”
 You can download and read the full report on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics web site.  
Jennifer Foulds