A new report just released by Ecojustice shows that Sarnia, Ontario is the most polluted area of the province when it comes to air emissions from industrial smokestacks.
The area studied includes Aamjiwnaang First Nation, home to one of the families Toxic Nation tested in our study of pollution in Canadian families.

The report from Ecojustice, called Exposing Canada’s Chemical Valley, says that in 2005,  facilities within 25 kilometres of Sarnia released more than 131,000 tonnes of air pollution. That’s a toxic load of more than 1,800 kilograms per Sarnia and Aamjiwnaang resident. The air pollution includes chemicals known to be harmful to health, such as mercury and dioxins.
You can find out more about pollution in Sarnia, or in your own backyard, on the PollutionWatch web site. Just type in your postal code to find out who’s polluting your neighbourhood.