I’ve just moved to a new house this past long weekend. I’ve made the commitment that this new home will be toxic-free. All my old toxic cleaning products didn’t make it into my carefully packed boxes.
I’ll admit, I should have made this pledge ages ago. But, better late than never, as the saying goes. My first action for this exciting new switch is to take a walking tour of my new neighbourhood, and find out where I will be able to buy healthier options, both for cleaning products, and organic produce. Despite my position as Toxic Nation Campaigner, I still have lots to learn – so I’m going to order a few green-living how-to books, and see if I can’t give myself a crash course. 
Stay tuned for notes on how this process is going, and reviews of different products and methods.
Have you taken the first step to detoxification and want to tell us about it? Post a comment here on the blog and share your story. 
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