My daughter was born in Yangling, Hunan, China. Yangling is a rural area within Hunan. She was a year old when we arrived home with her. Three weeks following her arrival, she began developing a persistent rash over her entire body. Eczema, allergies, skin specialists, prescriptions, oils…we used every cream on the market to try to clear it up but results were poor and temporary at best. 

I became aware of everything and anything that could be the cause. For example, each time I washed the tub in preparation for her bath, I intuitively found myself spending a good 5 minutes rinsing it before I filled it with water. The thought of the harsh chemicals nearing her skin wasn’t the least bit appealing to me. 

I began researching alternative cleaning methods. One article led to the next and before long, I began changing my cleaning habits altogether. What I was learning was eye-opening to say the least. From the foods we eat, to the way we clean, to the lotions and soaps we now use, I have made many positive changes for her and the entire household. Choices I make today are directly linked to the health of my family as well as the future of our planet for generations to come. I am now a “green cleaning” advocate. 

Because of my personal experience, I have started my own company, keepingHOUSE that is committed to helping households achieve balance between family, work, home and the environment. My goal is to empower household members to get on with the business of living with ease and comfort, knowing that their home is functioning at a level which enhances their quality of life.

Making the change to “green cleaning”, as with pursuing any significant change in our lives, is a process.  I am learning new and interesting ways to benefit from natural choices everyday. As for my daughter’s skin, the changes we’ve made in our life are making a difference in my daughter’s life. Her skin has improved a great deal since we first encountered the irritation. Again, it’s a process; a holistic approach is what’s usually the most effective in the end.

Lorene Tortolo,
keeping HOUSE
Toronto, Canada