You asked for our stories about “going toxic free”.  Here is mine.
I have lived a fairly natural life – ate well, exercised, saw my naturopathic doctor often, etc., so a diagnosis of breast cancer at 42 last year was a bit of a shocker. 
Upon diagnosis, my naturopathic doctor suggested I not use any products that had parabens, a known estrogen mimicker, and that started me on the road of reading my labels.  This also was a shocker.  Everything our family used in personal care and cosmetic has some “nasty stuff” in them, even well known natural brands we bought at the health food store.  
This awareness along with my professional background in health promotion and social marketing, led a friend and I (she is the grand chief of technological stuff!) to a weekly e-bulletin on the toxins in our everyday cosmetic, personal care and household products. It’s called Pure Know How. (                                                      

Our website is a repository of past issues but also of resources, links and products review and soon a blog.  We come from the point of view of “everyday women” – what we would want to hear about and offer some solutions – like others would do if they had the time.  
Thanks for all your advocacy work and research – we’ll keep on digesting it for our subscribers.

Pure Know How