I am writing in response to how Toxic Nation has changed my life.
I first became aware of Toxic Nation about two years ago when I read a commentary in the Toronto Star. I admit I forget the writer’s name, but he was writing on behalf of Toxic Nation. I checked out your web site and began to educate myself.
My wife and I were using vinegar as a cleaning agent prior to me reading the Toronto Star piece, but afterwards we switched other cleaning supplies over, such as bleach, laundry and dish detergent, to natural-based products. We also stopped using chemical air fresheners, colognes and perfumes, insecticides, pesticides; with hygiene products, such as soap, toothpaste, and bubble bath, we switched over to more natural solutions.If we have a clog in the sink, I realize that old-fashioned effort with a plunger works best rather than harsh chemicals. Basically, Toxic Nation has forced me to immediately think of alternate solutions, rather than just buying a chemical-based product so common on store shelves.
On another note, I look at air freshener commercials with a bit of shock now. The one commercial that really annoys me at present is where a young mom is spraying her can of air freshener in the kitchen while her two children watch from outside saying something like, “There she goes again.” The mom then proceeds to fully breathe in the “fresh scent.” That’s akin to taking the aerosol can and spraying it in your mouth. I imagine one day our society will look at such commercials as we do now at cigarette commercials from the 1950s.